October 5, 2023
Enhance Decision-Making Proficiency: Explore 14 ChatGPT Prompts for Product Managers
Enhance your decision-making skills with 14 ChatGPT prompts designed for Product Managers. Explore now and boost your proficiency today!

Product managers play a critical role in guiding the strategy and development of digital products. They are responsible for identifying market opportunities, defining product requirements, prioritizing features, and working cross-functionally to bring products to market. At the core of a product manager's responsibilities is making sound decisions that shape the product's direction and impact its success.

Importance of Decision-Making in Product Management

As a product manager, you are constantly faced with important decisions - which features to prioritize based on customer feedback, how to allocate resources and budget, when to pivot on product strategy, and more. Your judgement calls directly influence your product's ability to delight customers, outpace competitors, and meet business goals. Strong decision-making skills separate good product managers from great ones.

However, making the right decisions is easier said than done. Product managers deal with ambiguity, incomplete data, competing priorities, and pressure from stakeholders. This is where leveraging tools like ChatGPT to augment your decision-making can be invaluable.

ChatGPT can be an amazing asset for product managers looking to enhance their decision-making capabilities. By prompting ChatGPT with your dilemmas and scenarios, you can get an external perspective to weigh options and make judicious calls. The AI can provide relevant data, analysis, and insights you may have overlooked.

With 14 carefully curated prompts, they can gain valuable insights and perspectives on various aspects of their products. These prompts are designed to enhance proficiency in making critical decisions that impact the success of the product.

From market analysis to customer feedback, these prompts cover a wide range of topics that are crucial for every product manager to consider. By exploring these prompts, product managers can sharpen their judgment and make informed decisions that drive their products towards success.

Exploring ChatGPT Prompts for Various Areas of Product Management

Market Research Prompts

Conducting thorough market research is crucial before building any product. ChatGPT can help analyze competition, trends, and customer needs to validate and shape your product strategy. Here are some useful prompts for market research:

1. Prompt: Provide a competitive analysis of [product/company] key competitors in the [industry] industry. Include details about their positioning, strengths and weaknesses, market share, and differentiating factors.

2. Prompt: What are the latest market trends and innovations in [industry] that I should factor into my product strategy and roadmap for [product]? Provide data-driven insights.

3. Prompt: Analyze the target customer segments and buyer personas for my [product]. Include details about their demographics, behaviors, pain points and needs.

4. Prompt: Conduct a SWOT analysis for my product idea - [brief description]. Identify key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Provide concrete examples and data for each element.

Product Development Prompts

ChatGPT can provide an unbiased external perspective to help make sound product decisions around prioritization, requirements, and strategy.

5. Prompt: Help me prioritize the roadmap for [product]. Given these potential features [list features], customer requests [list requests] and current resources, guide me in sequencing what to build first, second and third. Explain your rationale.

6. Prompt: Suggest ways to improve the user onboarding experience for [product]. Provide examples of onboarding flows, UI elements, and UX copy that would make the onboarding process more intuitive.

7. Prompt: What metrics, qualitative feedback and validation should I use to evaluate the success of [feature] after launching it? Provide a detailed framework.

8. Prompt: I'm deciding between two potential product strategies for [product]: [Strategy A] vs [Strategy B]. Compare the pros and cons of each strategy and provide data-driven recommendations on which approach to pursue.

User Feedback Prompts

Continuously gathering user insights is key to building products people want. ChatGPT can help turn qualitative feedback into actionable recommendations.

9. Prompt: Analyze these user research findings and qualitative feedback for [product]: [summarize key findings]. Provide recommendations on what we should build, change or improve in the product to address the feedback.

10. Prompt: Users are complaining about [key issue] in our product. Suggest ways we can solve this user pain point through product changes, while considering feasibility and resources. Outline your solutions.

11. Prompt: Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) for [product] has decreased over the last quarter. Analyze potential reasons for this decline based on these user feedback reports [summarize key complaints]. Provide recommendations on how we can improve the NPS score again.

Storyboard Creation Prompts

Developing storyboards can help visualize ideas and simplify complex concepts. ChatGPT can help devise creative visuals and flows.

12. Prompt: Create a storyboard visualization for a new feature in [product] that will allow users to [explain feature]. Include 8-10 panels with simple sketches and captions to demonstrate the user flow.

13. Prompt: Develop an illustrated storyboard for a video explainer about [complex product or feature]. Outline 8-10 key frames with simple drawings and text captions that clearly explain how it works. Focus on the most important elements.

14. Prompt: I need to create a storyboard for a presentation about [product]. Please provide 8-10 panels with professional illustrations and captions that effectively communicate the key ideas and product benefits.

Balancing AI Insights with Human Judgment

While ChatGPT provides helpful external input, over-reliance on its suggestions can be detrimental. As an AI system, ChatGPT has limitations:

  • It lacks real-world experience and human intuition needed for well-rounded decisions.
  • Its knowledge is confined to training data up to 2021 so insights may be outdated or miss recent context.
  • It cannot factor in subjective considerations like company strategy alignment, politics, team dynamics etc.
  • Its responses contain inaccuracies or biases that require human verification.

Therefore, ChatGPT cannot replace a product manager's judgment but should inform it. Blindly following its recommendations can lead to suboptimal or even dangerous outcomes.

Discussion on How to Combine AI Insights with Professional Experience

The key is finding the right balance between leveraging ChatGPT's external perspective while applying your expertise. Here are some best practices:

  • Ask ChatGPT to provide logical reasoning and data behind suggestions so you can critically evaluate its relevance.
  • Validate any facts, figures, and claims made by the AI before acting on them.
  • Use your industry knowledge to filter responses for relevance to your specific context.
  • Treat ChatGPT's inputs as thought-starters rather than definitive recommendations.
  • Combine AI insights with your own experience, intuition, research and data to make balanced decisions.
  • Evaluate if suggestions align with company vision, resources, timelines and other constraints.
  • Discuss high-stakes recommendations with stakeholders before implementing.
  • Continuously monitor outcomes and refine prompts to improve relevance of ChatGPT's insights.

The goal is not to replace human judgment with AI, but rather augment decision-making with external input. By smartly integrating ChatGPT prompts into your workflow, you can enjoy enhanced productivity and better product outcomes.


In summary, prompting ChatGPT in key areas of product management provides many benefits:

  • Gain an unbiased external perspective to improve decision making.
  • Access data-driven insights about markets, competitors, trends etc.
  • Develop storyboards and conceptual prototypes faster.
  • Save time spent on repetitive tasks like documentation.
  • Transform qualitative user feedback into actionable recommendations.

While ChatGPT has clear limitations in fully replacing human judgment, it is an invaluable tool when used responsibly. The key is finding the right balance between AI-augmented and experience-driven decision making.

This compilation of 14 prompts only scratches the surface of how ChatGPT can augment product managers. With responsible use, ChatGPT and other emerging AI tools can become trusted partners in driving better product outcomes. The future of product management will be defined by harmoniously blending human creativity and experience with AI capabilities.

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